Silver Earrings


Silver Earrings are earrings that adorn the ear with silver being the primary metal.  Silver earrings are typically not 100% silver, but rather "sterling silver", which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% another alloy, often copper.  Sterling silver is one of the most commonly used metals for earrings, and we discuss the most popular styles of silver earrings further below.

Sterling silver earrings are typically alloyed with copper, ensuring a stronger alloy metal so the earrings aren't too soft and bend.  Jewelers can craft silver earrings into almost any design because silver is soft and malleable, and has many properties of gold.


Silver earrings might also be afixed with diamonds or gemstones to enchance the beauty of the earrings.  Silver earrings are popular with both women and men.  Men typically wear hoop earrings while women wear many different styles including dangling earrings.  Silver cross earrings are also popular religious pieces of jewelry.

Silver Earrings can range from about $15 to thousands of dollars depending upon whether diamonds or gemstones are encrusted or dangling.  The raw value of the silver content within a silver earring varies depending upon the metal (1) weight and (2) silver purity​

Silver historically has been valued between 12 to 16 times the value of gold.  This is commonly referred to as the "silver/gold ratio".  These ratios go all the way back to Roman times 2,000 years ago.  Nowadays silver is a lot cheaper than gold which makes silver earrings extremely popular.

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Brief History of Silver Earrings

Silver pieces of jewelry, most likely including silver earrings, appeared in ancient Sumeria, Egypt, and Phonecia thousands of years ago.  Minoan civilizations in the Greek Islands regularly traded silver jewelry.

Fast forward to Greek and Roman times and silver was not only used for jewelry but silver was used as money, as gold.  Incorporating silver into earrings and other pieces of jewelry was not only fashionable but a store of value.

When the new world was discovered in 1492, silver became in much greater abundance and Europeans would often transport shiploads of silver back to the old world.  Ultimately some of this silver was used to make silver earrings and other beautiful pieces of silver jewelry.

As modern economies advanced, silver became critical as an industrial metal.  There have also been quite a few attempts to corner the silver market even recently going back to the Hunt brothers in the 1970s.  


Even though the price of silver will fluctuate dramatically over time, silver will always be used to design magnificent pieces of jewelry.


Composition of Silver Earrings

There are quite a few different types of silver, but most silver earrings are made of sterling silver.  Below we will discuss the different types of silver earrings:

​Fine Silver (.999) Earrings:


Pure silver is .999 and is referred to as "Fine Silver".  Fine silver is rarely used for silver earrings because it is too soft, so silver is most often mixed with other alloys most prominently copper. 

Sterling Silver (.925) Earrings:

Sterling silver is by far the most common type of silver used in silver earrings.  The 7.5% copper hardens the silver alloy and makes it ideal for constructing silver earrings.

Sterling Silver (.925) Earrings with Rhodium:

Sterling silver earrings alloyed with rhodium help prevent tarnish and more often used with higher end earrings containing diamonds and gemstones.

Silver Plated Earrings:

Silver plated earrings use a cheap base metal and line the cheaper metal with a thin layer of silver.  Silver plated earrings have a much greater chance of tarnishing and breaking, and the silver content is very small.

Types of Silver Earrings

A talented jeweler can craft silver earrings into almost any design imaginable.  The most popular silver earrings styles include:

A.  Silver Cross Earrings

B.  Silver Hoop Earrings

C.  Silver Ball Earrings

D.  Silver Clip-On Earrings

E.  Silver Crawler Earrings

F.  Silver Ear Cuff Earrings

G.  Silver Barbell Earrings

H.  Silver Circular Barbell Earrings

​Most silver earrings don't weigh enough to have a material sales value for its silver content, however, f you would like to value your silver earrings, please click here