Brief History

Silver pieces of jewelry, most likely including silver earrings, appeared in ancient Sumeria, Egypt, and Phonecia thousands of years ago.  Minoan civilizations in the Greek Islands regularly traded silver jewelry.

Fast forward to Greek and Roman times and silver was not only used for jewelry but silver was used as money, as gold.  Incorporating silver into earrings and other pieces of jewelry was not only fashionable but a store of value.

When the new world was discovered in 1492, silver became in much greater abundance and Europeans would often transport shiploads of silver back to the old world.  Ultimately some of this silver was used to make silver earrings and other beautiful pieces of silver jewelry.

As modern economies advanced, silver became critical as an industrial metal.  There have also been quite a few attempts to corner the silver market even recently going back to the Hunt brothers in the 1970s.  


Even though the price of silver will fluctuate dramatically over time, silver will always be used to design magnificent pieces of jewelry.

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