Value Your Silver Earrings

How much are your silver earrings worth?  Unfortunately the answer to that question will most likely disappoint you.  That being said, if your silver earrings contain diamonds or precious gemstones your silver earrings might be worth considerable value.  For the purpose of us valuing your silver earrings we will just be valuing the silver content in your your earrings.

The value of a silver earrings can also be dependent upon the alloy mixed with silver, on occassion it can be rhodium, which is signficantly more expensive than silver.  The vast majority of sterling silver earrings are alloyed with copper, however, which is much less expensive then silver.​

The only piece of equipment needed to value your silver earring is a digital scale.  You can either find one at a local jewelry store, or buy a small digital scale for as little as $11 at Amazon or Walmart.  A typical silver earring weighs between 3 and 7 grams, so a pair of silver earrings typically weighs 6 to 14 grams.

Below is an example of valuing a pair of sterling silver earrings:


.925 Sterling Silver Earrings Valuation Example

1.  The silver content in our pair of sterling silver earrings is 92.5%.  This is standard sterling silver regardless of whether the silver earrings are alloyed with copper or rhodium.

2.  The overall weight of the silver earring is weighed next.  For this example, our silver earrings weigh 6 grams each, or 12 grams for the pair

3.  The live (current) price of silver can be found for free at online silver bullion dealers.  Kitco is a popular online website to view current silver prices.  The "bid" is what a buyer is willing to pay per gram, and the "ask" is what a seller is willing to sell silver per gram.  For our example, we will use a bid price of $1/gram.

4.  Calculate the silver content value by multiplying the weight of the silver earrings (12 grams) X's the live bid price of silver ($1), and multiple the sum by 92.5% (.925).

12 gram x's $1 per gram equals = $12

$12 X's 92.5% = $11.10

In conclusion, a pair of sterling silver earrings that weigh 12 grams contains physical silver content worth $11.10